“If you want to be happy,” said Leo Tolstoy, “BE.” I used to hear people say this and I would think, “Be what?” I know now, that’s the wrong question. Why? Because it implies there is something you must DO in order to BE. There is nothing, however, you could ever do in order to be.


Confucius said, “When you meet a noble person, emulate them. When you meet an evil person, look within.” But why? Because you only ever do unto others what you’ve done to yourself already. Conversely, you do to yourself what you’ve done to others. Both are equally true, as well as equally telling.

A mantra is a sound, syllable, or group of words which, when recited, are regarded as capable of producing spiritual transformation (or so says Wiki).  Actually, mantra is a word common in the eastern world and is itself made up of two words: man meaning "mind," and tra meaning "instrument."  So, a mantra is "an instrument of the mind."