The other day, I was enjoying the sunshine and decided to close my eyes.  As I sat
there and relaxed, I noticed numerous birds chirping around me.  Immediately, I found
myself transported back in time to when I was a young boy.  I recall how I would go to
bed in the summer when it was still light outside.  I would lay there listening to the
birds chirp, while my window was open to let in some cool evening air.

Recently, a friend of mine overheard a Christian trying to win a convert by asking a
man, "What would you say to Jesus to get you into Heaven?"  

Often, this question is posed to people who are non-Christians in an effort to frighten
them into believing in Jesus.  Christians who use fear think they are doing people a
service (after all, they are saving souls, aren't they?), but fail to realize the damage
they bring to others through use of fear, condemnation and guilt. 

To the reader of this angel article concerning higher consciousness, I wish to convey the idea that angels do not have to be something external from humanity. Often, angels (messengers) can simply be a metaphor for higher thoughts traveling through the heavens of our mind . . . an elevated state of awareness. 

A new work of Christian fiction entitled The Shack, by author William P. Young, has
become quite the phenomenon of late.  Being heralded as a book that could change
the face of Christianity, I had considered taking the time to read it; but my distaste
for most Christian doctrines in general made it very difficult for me to do so.  Still,
every place I turned I kept running into this book it seemed.  When my wife told me
she had recently received a copy as a gift from someone, I relented and began reading

Ghosts are found within many religions, though many people from western cultures are not aware of it. Most religions teach that a spiritual aspect of human beings, whether the religion calls it a soul, spirit or ghost, survives beyond the destruction of the physical body. Ghosts may best be described as people who upon death remain earthbound and interact with mankind, being trapped within the earth realm due to emotional trauma of some sort. Many religions believe that addictions, lusts, tragedies and unfinished business seem to be the predominant causes of many a ghosts' sufferings. Let's look at some of the common core teachings where most of the world's major religions agree.

I often state that the name Jesus was created by religion, or a religion was created in the name Jesus. Jesus was not the name of the radical man whose teachings continue to astound the world.

The name Jesus was most likely Yeshua, the Aramaic or Hebrew name meaning “salvation.” Sometimes the name Yeshua is translated as “he saves.” Yeshua is believed to be a latter form of the Hebrew name Yehoshua, which generally means “to deliver, save or rescue.”