_I used to think life should be lived LARGE, in a BIG way with grandeur and opulence to even be worth living. To be somebody you had to “have it all.”  I suppose that was the notion of my youth.  I bought into the messages of those around me. I also bought into the media’s messages about how I was suppose to live, what I was supposed to look like, how thin to be, and what I should have to be happy. I was young and didn’t know any better.
Our human existence on this earth has been one of duality or polarity.  When good is being created something we call “bad” comes along to represent the polarity.  As we grow in our consciousness, we  strive for oneness and unity which dissolves duality.   Love is the divine force which shatters polarity.  Sure we all make mistakes and polarize and then because of the work we do we remember who we really are. We are one!  We come back to the wholeness  of ourselves a complete circle. We also remember we are part of the whole or the one.  There is no duality or sides in a circle because there is no beginning or end just unity.
Something is happening and there is no mistake about it.  Shifts are occurring and human beings on this planet will consciously move toward love or move toward fear.  Both will occur and it is up to each person which course they will follow.  This will cause the choice of fear or love to be prevalent.  No more sitting on the fence.

What will this look like?  Choosing fear is believing in an external world and all that is going on in it, according to the news as empires fall and economies collapse.  Markets may drop again and things may get a bit tougher financially. People have told me that is the reality of today.  Is it?  With that seed of fear from the outside world your internal world can feed, water and cause that fear to grow into mental and psychological stress which then transfers into physical disease.  More and more mind relaxation drugs are being prescribed in our world today.  “How can we see things any other way? “ I’ve been asked.