Ultimately we are all looking for security and women entrepreneurs are no exception. It is a difficult realization when our clients/customers leave us. We make it personal and maybe even allow it to put us in fear.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford 

Networking can be wildly successful or painfully ineffective… and it all depends on your frame of mind and approach going into it.

I recently met a woman at a local event who was instantly drawn to me. As usual there was learning for me to share with all of you.  It was a revelation how we as women wear our societal labels.

Disconnected, confused, harried, and dramatic. That was how I lived every day. Today I am calm, clear, and connected to my world and its surroundings in a peaceful loving way. What’s my secret? I became connected to my body’s sensations, aka, my feelings.

I AM a firm believer in staying positive..finding the silver lining and so on.  But, the truth for me is sometimes life just plain ole hurts.

Whether I am being called back to a past that was less than honest, or I am experiencing the feelings of loss, or even the reality of life with an unemployed spouse.  I have real life happening to me faster than I want to handle.

Conference calls, carpools, drive-thru dinners and text-messaged I love you’s make up the life many of us know today. We hurry to get from one destination to another while constantly juggling thoughts of tomorrow and beyond. I decided I was willing to explore simplicity and change my stress level.  Are you?

There are many special relationships we will experience over the course of our lifetime, but there is no quite as special as the one you will have with yourself.

Our lives are our stories.  I embrace the fact that we are the author of our stories. I lived my story unconsciously for a lot of years and let other people author the chapters.  My story includes infidelity up close and personal, both perspectives, firsthand experience with sexual violation, and even an intimate connection with thoughts of suicide. I blamed everyone for the agony that was my life. With a lot of Divine intervention I eventually realized I was telling my story from a perspective that did not empower me.  A story I had thrived on and formed the foundation of my life on.  A story that began once upon a time and one that will most definitely end happily ever after; as I now own the fact that I am the author of my story . . . of my life.