A new work of Christian fiction entitled The Shack, by author William P. Young, has
become quite the phenomenon of late.  Being heralded as a book that could change
the face of Christianity, I had considered taking the time to read it; but my distaste
for most Christian doctrines in general made it very difficult for me to do so.  Still,
every place I turned I kept running into this book it seemed.  When my wife told me
she had recently received a copy as a gift from someone, I relented and began reading

At this time in our history, we are being called to recognize a higher self that lives within us. Barbara Marx Hubbard calls it the Universal Self. Others call it the Divine light and love that lives in our heart. 

Neale Donald Walsch was once asked during a Q & A session after one of his talks if he could sum up what God wanted us to know about Him in just one paragraph. He said he could do it in 5 words. “You’ve got Me all wrong”.    We have been taught to believe that the God we seek lives outside of us, in a heaven that we can only hope to reach after we die. But we are not separate from God. The God Source of life and love lives inside of us. When we know our own heart, we remember who we are, we remember the light that we are. We need only to look inside our own heart to know love at a deeper level - to find God.