Many people come to me asking about seeing repetitive numbers or even wonder about the meaning of numbers they see in dreams.

Numbers are a Universal Language and historically, messages from the Divine have always come in the form of numbers. Every number has a spiritual meaning.  I believe when you see a repetitive number, it is a signal to your soul. I see it as being an activation code which begins a process of new development in your consciousness.  At the time you begin to see it you may not be aware of its meaning but your soul knows.
Many people have experienced the 11:11 phenomenon and the 11 is often considered to be number of 'the messenger”. The 11 signifies an open doorway to the spiritual realm. It is a time to awaken to a new consciousness where the truth is revealed. Many people have experienced profound changes in their thinking upon experiencing the 11:11. Often there is a progression of seeing these repetitive numbers going from 11:11 to 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and so forth.  I believe this is acknowledgement of your continuing spiritual growth.

Also, when you keep seeing the same number over and over again, try to embrace the thought that you are being mentored from above. Take a moment and ask yourself what you have been thinking about prior to getting the repetitive number. Seeing the repetitive number can actually be a sign of encouragement or reassurance.

If you understand the basic meanings of the numbers, you can gain additional insight into what they may be trying to tell you.

Number 1:  Time for a new beginning, take action. You may be soon receiving a new opportunity.

Number 2:  Keep peace and harmony around you and be patient. Time to cooperate.

Number 3:  Express yourself, be creative and work on visualizing and manifesting your dreams.

Number 4:  Stay grounded, work hard and remain disciplined.

Number 5:  Change is coming, expect a turn of events.

Number 6:  Selfless service to others, love of family, healing energy.

Number 7:  Spiritual, mystical, seek the truth, meditate and go within.

Number 8:  Set goals to achieve, work hard, and remain ethical and recognition and rewards will follow.

Number 9:  Unconditional Love, time to forgive and let go. Completions and endings.



10/05/2011 04:36

I have been seeing consecutive numbers in abundance lately. I always stop what I'm doing and express gratitude for what I feel is a spiritual thumbs up. I also appreciate the way it keeps me in the moment.


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