I drifted along day in and day out, all with good intention.

I found myself intending motion and finding a stillness of purpose.

As I sat in the still waters, bobbing aimlessly, I saw a distant beacon.

Beneath that beacon was a man, seeking guidance.

I called to him with good intention and he called back.

In a beautiful ceremony called a Puja, Guru Leela Mata removes all past karma from my life. This reminds me of absolution where the Catholic priest declares sins to be remitted. Now the slate of my life has been washed clean through the blessings of a Guru.

Freedom in one's life is freedom from the past. By choosing not to define yourself by your past allows for a fresh new beginning in every moment. By giving up thought, awareness naturally arises to greet you now. Self realization will never be found in thinking, only in being. The task to free oneself from one's own thinking is a challenge for most. The majority of people don't even realize that their thinking is separate from them. They think that who they are is their thoughts. Such is the trick of the mind. Recognition of this is the first step on a journey to find your center, and to master your life.

If you're a "boomer" like me, you probably had a similar career vision, carried down by our parents and grandparents:
Go to school, study hard, get good grades.
Go to college, study hard, get good grades.
Get a good job, study hard, get good reviews.
Good reviews lead to job security and advancement.
Eventually, retire from that job, get your gold watch, and live on your pension and social security.
Our human existence on this earth has been one of duality or polarity.  When good is being created something we call “bad” comes along to represent the polarity.  As we grow in our consciousness, we  strive for oneness and unity which dissolves duality.   Love is the divine force which shatters polarity.  Sure we all make mistakes and polarize and then because of the work we do we remember who we really are. We are one!  We come back to the wholeness  of ourselves a complete circle. We also remember we are part of the whole or the one.  There is no duality or sides in a circle because there is no beginning or end just unity.

I have just been given a new home.  I say “given” because I did little to obtain it.  And because of that I felt it important to share the story, so that you can understand the power of creation, manifestation, gratitude. I’ve lived in a pleasant area of Lake County, Ohio for about eleven years, but with an expansion of my business felt the pull to move further south into Summit County.  My goal for the last year or so has been to seek out the perfect home for me and my cats.  I wanted quiet, privacy, a place to sooth the spirit.  I wanted room to have events and healing work and space for friends.  I wanted more than anything to be enfolded in nature with room for gardening.  With a goal in mind, I offered up the prayer I learned from my friend John Davis, John of Peniel.  “Thank you God for the perfect home that I am receiving – amen!”  I believed it was there and coming to me.  “Thank you” is gratitude.  “The perfect home” is the goal, the intent.  “I am receiving” is the acceptance, manifestation, creation part.  “Amen” means so be it, it is done.  I believed that I needed to be diligent in the search and pay attention to signs.  That I needed to pursue it with all my intention.

The 11:11 phenomenon, where people repeatedly see this number, has been the subject of 194 million websites, countless books and even has its own page on Wikipedia. There is a great deal of speculation to it's meaning but it goes without question that the 11:11 phenomenon has our attention.

Hi there, remember me?  I’m the one who was so relieved I didn’t have to run a marathon.  What a relief, I really didn’t like running anyway.  While celebrating that I was released from that commitment I decided that it would be a good idea to continue with some exercise.  Yoga was a good fit for me.
“If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.” ~Maya Angelou

In our lives we have many relationships. I want to tell you about my day today. I woke this morning and went to pick up my son at my ex-wife’s house. I called my new wife as she is out of town for business for extended periods of time. After talking to my wife I called Holly, my friend and assistant, to see how her day was going.

Let’s begin with the ex wife meeting. I am a believer that love given comes home again. To say my ex and I have had a very rocky relationship is understating the facts. It ended harshly and with much pain. The damages created to the subconscious mind were tricky to overcome. Trust was taken and continually misused. It wasn’t until I shifted my attachment to the situation that the relationship could alter for the better. Together we have made a magnificent son. It is for this purpose that the relationship must function in a loving way. Still to this day she values my insights and allows me to help guide her through struggles occasionally. I value her good parenting of my son and respect her for that.
Getting to know Spirit through nature isn’t usually a logical process.  In fact, one’s sanity can be rightly questioned.  This particular morning had me arguing with myself over a bowl of cereal.  It was quite early and as I mumbled to myself reasons to not respond the The Pull, I already knew I was losing the battle. 

I had been spending a lot of time in the woods. I could sit still for hours in natural settings.  The things I saw, the moments of beauty that wrapped around me like the morning mist, brought moments of Oneness with Spirit.  I lived for that.  The more time I spent in the woods, the more my intuition began to lead me to things.  I would find place to sit just inside the tree line and then wait until I’d feel The Pull, a tug, a tightness in the belly.  Then there would be clarity and I’d know where to go.  Sometimes it happened within minutes. Sometimes I had to sit for a half hour or more.