Disconnected, confused, harried, and dramatic. That was how I lived every day. Today I am calm, clear, and connected to my world and its surroundings in a peaceful loving way. What’s my secret? I became connected to my body’s sensations, aka, my feelings.
_ There was a sheep bleating at us in the woods.  You could hear it coming closer.  Baaa.  Baaa.  Baaaaaaaaaa!

The kids I was with weren’t used to early morning walks.  They weren’t used to the woods either.  Or the mist that shrouded the lowland by the river that we were hiking through.  They were inner city kids, most of them afraid of the woods, the majority of them had never seen deer before and most were quite certain there were bears hiding out there ready to eat them.  I love those kids.

Is there a Land of the Paper Mountain?  For a lot of folks, they visit that mountain every day - it's on their desk!  Don't set fire to it - put it away! Oh stop complaining, you can do it, I know that you can.   It's easy to get your ducks in a row - here, I'll help.

I offered some tips in an earlier blog about file management on your computer.  It's the same principle on paper, except that you have to have a place to put paper.  First step?  Um, get a place to put the paper.  Duh.  Depending on the size of your mountain, buy a file cabinet, get one of the many organizational systems in office supply stores, or if you must, use boxes.  You'll need hanging file folders and manila or colored folders too.  If you want to get fancy, buy yourself some folder labels to write or type on.  One thing you can't buy - patience!  It's an easy task, but it does take time.

So this little, itty bitty bird had a wonderfully profound message for me this morning (apparently the size of the creature has nothing do with the greatness of its communication). I could hear this soft fluttering and could see those terrified, pleading, beady little eyes peering out to me through the furnace grate, and I'm thinking "great, now how do I free you, without scaring you even more--especially with the three dogs and two cats lurking about, trying to figure out what's going on?"

We all want great health.  But if you don't have it right now you might be asking yourself, "How come I'm not motivated to get it?"

We've all been there.  You start going to the gym and then you stop. You start eating a better diet for you and then you stop.  You start walking around the block after dinner and then you stop.

What's going on?

I AM a firm believer in staying positive..finding the silver lining and so on.  But, the truth for me is sometimes life just plain ole hurts.

Whether I am being called back to a past that was less than honest, or I am experiencing the feelings of loss, or even the reality of life with an unemployed spouse.  I have real life happening to me faster than I want to handle.