Music is by far not the only art form to contribute to our vibration, and therefore to our health.  Color and light have been used for centuries to stimulate healing and well-being.The ancient Egyptians used specially built solarium rooms with different colored glass panels. The sun would shine through the colored glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits.

Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish costumes. How can anyone forget the "meat dress"? She is absolutely correct in saying she was "born that way".  She is a 1 Lifepath and 1s are known for having their own unique style and creative out-of-the-box thinking.

A style icon from another era was Jackie Kennedy who was an 11/2 Lifepath. She was described as a woman who had style, grace and impeccable taste. She also was true to her numbers.

Our numbers do influence us in every aspect of our life including how we choose to dress so lets take a quick look at FASHION as seen through the numbers!~

I've written before about being organized in your workplace from a time management standpoint.  But have you ever thought of the environment you work in as a representation of energy? Whether you understand the Law of Attraction or have never heard of it, consider this.

We all want great health.  But if you don't have it right now you might be asking yourself, "How come I'm not motivated to get it?"

We've all been there.  You start going to the gym and then you stop. You start eating a better diet for you and then you stop.  You start walking around the block after dinner and then you stop.

What's going on?

Are you tired of….from one day to the next….learning that something is good for you…..and something else is not? 

We need to eat more of this, drink more of that, take this additional supplement, eliminate that one…..

Because every day more and more research goes on that reveals new findings.  How many times a week ---not a month---not a year---but a WEEK… we hear “New study shows…..blah, blah, blah….Don’t drink coffee.  Drink more coffee!  Don’t eat chocolate.  Eat more chocolate; it’s good for the heart!

"Inward calm cannot be maintained unless physical strength is constantly and intelligently replenished." --Buddha

How's your health? We come here to experience the separation from source. But the fact that we do come here means we must live physically as well as spiritually. I tend to be a workaholic. I want to reach as many people as possible, and so I tend to work long hours searching for new ways to reach the masses. I do healing days, and go long hours open to source, allowing my body to be used as a doorway for healing. People often ask me if it wears me out doing the work. In truth, I typically am overcharged at the end of a day of healing, and find myself bouncing of the walls with energy, kind of like a sugar high. If you don't get that reference ask any parent, and they will explain.

Hi there, remember me?  I’m the one who was so relieved I didn’t have to run a marathon.  What a relief, I really didn’t like running anyway.  While celebrating that I was released from that commitment I decided that it would be a good idea to continue with some exercise.  Yoga was a good fit for me.
“The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well,” ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Love: what is it? Is it something we strive for? Is it something that eludes us? Is it something we create? I believe it is what we are made of. I believe that the very fabric of God/Universe is Love. I also believe that we are a part of the fabric. When I had my past life regression my wonderful regressionist asked a simple yet powerful question: “What is the message to get out to the world?” The answer was,” Everything is Love and we are given fear as a tool to experience love fully.”

Our physical life experience is about separation from love. We do this so we may experience the true feelings of love, so we may come to know Love on a deeper level, to understand it. A true unconditional love is our highest desire. We want to be loved for who we are and not have limitations set upon us to be able to achieve love.

Reflexology involves accupressure massage of specific areas of the hands and feet which represent other parts of the body.  In so doing, the regular flow of life energy is unblocked and health restored. We have fourteen energy meridians which run up and down the body, coming to points at the hands, feet, and (believe it or not) ears.  There are six on each side of the spinal column, and two making up the spinal column.  Much scientific data has been recorded that proves the existence of these energy meridians. Trails of light revealed by infrared photography have been one of the ways to show the maps described in the ancient  texts of 4000 years ago.

“Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” ~Lou Holtz

I am always speaking of the power of words. I am a true believer that your words are a product of belief.  I also believe that all creation/healing must be done in the present moment:  the I AM moment. When we use words like “want”, “need”,” hope”, or “try” we are actually creating nothing in our present moment. These words are a product of the belief that you are not doing it now. I watch as people shift their faith to the present moment and miracles happen in their lives.