I AM a firm believer in staying positive..finding the silver lining and so on.  But, the truth for me is sometimes life just plain ole hurts.

Whether I am being called back to a past that was less than honest, or I am experiencing the feelings of loss, or even the reality of life with an unemployed spouse.  I have real life happening to me faster than I want to handle. 

Here I was, cresting the wave of this high I’ve been on lately.  Smooth sailing all the way, with nothing but the open seas before me.  When all of the sudden I run smack-dab into the wall that is my Comfort Zone.  Actually, I’m not much of a boating person; this is only a metaphor.  The wall?  That’s a metaphor, too.  My Comfort Zone, however, and me needing to be on the outside?  That’s all too real.