What is the difference between a Super Hero and an Action Hero? Each does remarkable things. One might even go so far as to say that they each create a "super" result. Each has a desired goal in mind; the only real difference is how they get the job done. So let's set up a classic adventure scenario and look at the methods each uses to achieve their goals.

The thing about the chaos of healing is how tricky it is. It masquerades as real stuff.  I think of myself as pretty savvy and sophisticated when it comes to the crisis of “healing”, “growing”,  learning”, whatever word you want to use to describe that really uncomfortable and painful jump into the unknown of being a better person.  So I was pretty surprised when after four days of looking at the facts and considering all aspects …..”I got nuthin”.   “Maybe this time all the ground clutter is real?!”  That aforementioned thought led me to reconsider some of my core beliefs.  Maybe I needed to change some things…..