The New Year is a time when many of us decide things need to change.  As you reflect on the year just passed, step onto the scale, pull on a tight pair of jeans or set goals for your career or business, it becomes obvious that doing what you’ve done in the past probably won’t result in the dreams you have for a better future.  Change, nevertheless is the hardest thing for most of us to truly embrace.  It requires paying attention, letting go of old habits, losing the comfort of the past while stepping into new behaviors that do not yet feel normal. 

I've been listening to my body's messages the last few years as I slip into middle age (where DID the time go?). The first message I really heard was many years ago now, when I was warned that my life-long love of cheese had betrayed me and was no longer my love...*sob*.   Cheese was no longer treating me right, causing all manner of digestive and respiratory ills, and so I took charge of my cheese-love-life and booted it to the curb!  Began feeling better almost immediately.  I adjusted to a changed dietary lifestyle and was no longer tempted by the great betrayers:  pizza.....fondue.....chimi changas.

Earlier this year, another great love betrayed me.  Why??  Why am I choosing foods that are no good for me?  They've cheated others, and now they're mistreating me!  I found myself mistreated by the most insidious of all my loves.....bread!  OH the deliciousness, the multi-sensory delight of onion bread with herbed butter.  OH the temptation of warm whole-grain rolls with dinner.  *SOB* ....why ME????