Who are you accountable to? Accountability is one of the foundation stones of success. When one rises through the ranks of a company they are accountable to their direct management. The higher you go up the ladder, you become more and more accountable to the customer. At every level we are accountable to the customer, but of all that you are accountable to, which is most important? In my life I am accountable to my wife and my son over all else. As I work towards success, however, they are not undermining and plotting against it. Instead they support and encourage and so momentum toward the goal happens.


In my Action coaching programs I often run into people with big plans and dreams of a successful future. They dream of having the perfect body, the best relationships, financial security, a clear mind, and a connection to something larger then themselves. They strive for a purpose driven, vibrant life. All of these people have the ability to achieve all of their dreams. Each has the power to create the life of their desires. The area that always seems to be the tripping point is the next step: Action.


Be careful that you do not miss what lies beyond the horizon because you choose to play it safe in your life.

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I am amazed how often I hear the words “with my luck.” Our general society has a several standard phrases that we all tend to take for granted, the aforementioned being the poster child. Statements like “with my luck” have an underlying belief that is the driving force of what is being created in the person’s life. As these words are uttered, we often no longer even look at the meaning behind them. When someone says it, they usually are not thinking the “luck” is good. In fact the implied tone that comes with the phrase says quite the opposite. The overwhelming implication is ”poor me.” 


I bet that title got your attention.

Perhaps you are quite shocked and wondering if I used to be a stripper in my early days. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am speaking in metaphors. By the way, if any of the guys out there were disappointed by that metaphor part – I’ll send you a little wink for even thinking this 53-year old gal still has it going on.

The thing about the chaos of healing is how tricky it is. It masquerades as real stuff.  I think of myself as pretty savvy and sophisticated when it comes to the crisis of “healing”, “growing”,  learning”, whatever word you want to use to describe that really uncomfortable and painful jump into the unknown of being a better person.  So I was pretty surprised when after four days of looking at the facts and considering all aspects …..”I got nuthin”.   “Maybe this time all the ground clutter is real?!”  That aforementioned thought led me to reconsider some of my core beliefs.  Maybe I needed to change some things…..  

Take for a moment all the prophecy and predictions off the table. This is not a debate as to whether it will happen or not. Instead, just consider this one question.

“If ONLY 10% of the world's population believe that 12/21/2012 spells disaster, what would happen?"