I've been listening to my body's messages the last few years as I slip into middle age (where DID the time go?). The first message I really heard was many years ago now, when I was warned that my life-long love of cheese had betrayed me and was no longer my love...*sob*.   Cheese was no longer treating me right, causing all manner of digestive and respiratory ills, and so I took charge of my cheese-love-life and booted it to the curb!  Began feeling better almost immediately.  I adjusted to a changed dietary lifestyle and was no longer tempted by the great betrayers:  pizza.....fondue.....chimi changas.

Earlier this year, another great love betrayed me.  Why??  Why am I choosing foods that are no good for me?  They've cheated others, and now they're mistreating me!  I found myself mistreated by the most insidious of all my loves.....bread!  OH the deliciousness, the multi-sensory delight of onion bread with herbed butter.  OH the temptation of warm whole-grain rolls with dinner.  *SOB* ....why ME????