“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

I am a voracious reader; I come by it genetically and by inclination. My favorite genres focus on transformation, spirituality, sexuality, sci-fi, relationships, and the lyrically (and sometimes quirkily) poetic. A few years ago I picked up a book that contained all of the above. Within short order, this travelogue of the heart that took the writer on a one year journey to Italy, India, and Indonesia became a worldwide best seller. Eat, Pray, Love was penned by author Elizabeth Gilbert. Immediately attracted to the familiar, conversational style with which she draws the reader, I felt as if I was being carried along for the ride without need for passport or inoculation.


In my Action coaching programs I often run into people with big plans and dreams of a successful future. They dream of having the perfect body, the best relationships, financial security, a clear mind, and a connection to something larger then themselves. They strive for a purpose driven, vibrant life. All of these people have the ability to achieve all of their dreams. Each has the power to create the life of their desires. The area that always seems to be the tripping point is the next step: Action.


Think back to when you were a child.  Did you have a special career in mind?  A passion to be a police officer, or a dancer, or perhaps a painter? When you got older and entered  high school, did you discover a talent for debate?  For shop class?  Is there something that really stuck with you?  Something from those childhood joys that is with you today? For instance, did your love of debate lead you into practicing law?


Ultimately we are all looking for security and women entrepreneurs are no exception. It is a difficult realization when our clients/customers leave us. We make it personal and maybe even allow it to put us in fear.


"Resolve and thou art free"~ Henry Wadworth Longfellow

The time of assessment has come once again. The Old Year is ending and the New Year beginning. This is when we each have chosen to review our lives, and make decisions about the next twelve months. We look at our bodies, our houses, our material and sometimes our spiritual desires, and we decide what the future will bring. We make re-solutions, because the old solutions didn't work. We decide to try a new solution and thus, a new plan or re-solution is born. We then charge off into the year with vigor.  As we try the solutions, many will fail, but some will succeed. I warrant you that the latter were the ones that you became resolved about happening. You decided that they were going to come to pass, and so, since you shifted from a plan of attack (resolution), and took the action of determination, they came into your experience (resolved).

The New Year is a time when many of us decide things need to change.  As you reflect on the year just passed, step onto the scale, pull on a tight pair of jeans or set goals for your career or business, it becomes obvious that doing what you’ve done in the past probably won’t result in the dreams you have for a better future.  Change, nevertheless is the hardest thing for most of us to truly embrace.  It requires paying attention, letting go of old habits, losing the comfort of the past while stepping into new behaviors that do not yet feel normal. 
“That is one tough robot.” ~ Captain Typho

When it comes to masters of focus, goal setting and achieving, loyalty, integrity, honor, and the like, there is one name that rises above the masses, one that far surpasses even the closest competitor . . . R2D2. Yes I know I am a dork. I love Star Wars movies. While Yoda has a plethora of knowledge and wisdom which I quote in speeches from time to time, R2D2 is the master of living “wisely and earnestly in the present,” as Buddha would say. Though I like the three original movies best (and NO Greedo did not shoot first) the story of R2D2 comes to our attention in the three prequels that shared his story.

If you have ever felt like a failure…
If you have ever thought you’ve found “the answer” to your next career, your single-person-woes or how to finally be happy… only to discover you were wrong…
If you are ready to stop feeling like a failure and start feeling like a success right now
If so, then this article will be the most exciting and important message you’ll ever read!

Let me explain…

What It Is Not

Before I tell you what the real problem is, let me tell you what it is not.
The problem is not that you make mistakes.