Though this is not one of the customary topics of this blog, it is something that speaks to me today, and therefore I would like to speak to you of it.  This column is ordinarily about those things that “All Make Sense to Me”, and not about that which doesn’t.  Nevertheless,  I am having difficulty moving onto the “sense” of things again, until after addressing the “senselessness” of the past week.

The other day, I was enjoying the sunshine and decided to close my eyes.  As I sat
there and relaxed, I noticed numerous birds chirping around me.  Immediately, I found
myself transported back in time to when I was a young boy.  I recall how I would go to
bed in the summer when it was still light outside.  I would lay there listening to the
birds chirp, while my window was open to let in some cool evening air.

Disconnected, confused, harried, and dramatic. That was how I lived every day. Today I am calm, clear, and connected to my world and its surroundings in a peaceful loving way. What’s my secret? I became connected to my body’s sensations, aka, my feelings.

We all want great health.  But if you don't have it right now you might be asking yourself, "How come I'm not motivated to get it?"

We've all been there.  You start going to the gym and then you stop. You start eating a better diet for you and then you stop.  You start walking around the block after dinner and then you stop.

What's going on?

Are you tired of….from one day to the next….learning that something is good for you…..and something else is not? 

We need to eat more of this, drink more of that, take this additional supplement, eliminate that one…..

Because every day more and more research goes on that reveals new findings.  How many times a week ---not a month---not a year---but a WEEK…..do we hear “New study shows…..blah, blah, blah….Don’t drink coffee.  Drink more coffee!  Don’t eat chocolate.  Eat more chocolate; it’s good for the heart!

I drifted along day in and day out, all with good intention.

I found myself intending motion and finding a stillness of purpose.

As I sat in the still waters, bobbing aimlessly, I saw a distant beacon.

Beneath that beacon was a man, seeking guidance.

I called to him with good intention and he called back.

Ghosts are found within many religions, though many people from western cultures are not aware of it. Most religions teach that a spiritual aspect of human beings, whether the religion calls it a soul, spirit or ghost, survives beyond the destruction of the physical body. Ghosts may best be described as people who upon death remain earthbound and interact with mankind, being trapped within the earth realm due to emotional trauma of some sort. Many religions believe that addictions, lusts, tragedies and unfinished business seem to be the predominant causes of many a ghosts' sufferings. Let's look at some of the common core teachings where most of the world's major religions agree.
“The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well,” ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Love: what is it? Is it something we strive for? Is it something that eludes us? Is it something we create? I believe it is what we are made of. I believe that the very fabric of God/Universe is Love. I also believe that we are a part of the fabric. When I had my past life regression my wonderful regressionist asked a simple yet powerful question: “What is the message to get out to the world?” The answer was,” Everything is Love and we are given fear as a tool to experience love fully.”

Our physical life experience is about separation from love. We do this so we may experience the true feelings of love, so we may come to know Love on a deeper level, to understand it. A true unconditional love is our highest desire. We want to be loved for who we are and not have limitations set upon us to be able to achieve love.