How many projects do you have open?  Ever begin a new one while there was still sooo much left to do on the others?  Because you had to, right?  If you’re anything like me, you have multiple projects going at one time, most of them somewhere just below or above the halfway mark of getting done.  They’re sitting there, lounging about in various stages of undress, thumbing their noses at you and beckoning the rest of the world to have a looksee at how disorganized you are….

…Or is that only me?


Who are you accountable to? Accountability is one of the foundation stones of success. When one rises through the ranks of a company they are accountable to their direct management. The higher you go up the ladder, you become more and more accountable to the customer. At every level we are accountable to the customer, but of all that you are accountable to, which is most important? In my life I am accountable to my wife and my son over all else. As I work towards success, however, they are not undermining and plotting against it. Instead they support and encourage and so momentum toward the goal happens.

This is not the first time you are hearing of how clutter affects your energy.  Did you ever think of email as clutter?  Sure, we are all annoyed  by spam, “good luck” chains, “like this because I do” emails.  If you think of your email Inbox as your living room, your perspective will change in an instant!

In 1980 I had the opportunity to study for a summer in Vienna, Austria. Learning the German language was a huge part of this immersion program. While I haven’t retained much conversational ability, I have always had a favorite German word. That word is “vielleicht” and translates to mean “perhaps”. It is used liberally in daily conversation, often as the first word in a sentence. I remember how much I loved the sound and feeling of this word.  The pronunciation of the word sounds like "FEEL LIGHT"!  It was a constant reminder to feel light. As a word with such an uplifting quality. I often wondered why it was not a word we use much in American English.

In my Action coaching programs I often run into people with big plans and dreams of a successful future. They dream of having the perfect body, the best relationships, financial security, a clear mind, and a connection to something larger then themselves. They strive for a purpose driven, vibrant life. All of these people have the ability to achieve all of their dreams. Each has the power to create the life of their desires. The area that always seems to be the tripping point is the next step: Action.

Think back to when you were a child.  Did you have a special career in mind?  A passion to be a police officer, or a dancer, or perhaps a painter? When you got older and entered  high school, did you discover a talent for debate?  For shop class?  Is there something that really stuck with you?  Something from those childhood joys that is with you today? For instance, did your love of debate lead you into practicing law?

In my Keynote “Lead from the Trenches” I make the case that the most successful leaders are the ones who work along side of his employees to achieve the goals. This has proven to be true in my own career. By engaging a unified purpose the momentum of success is created.

I was looking at my Facebook page a short while ago and marveling at the beatifically beaming little faces as I beheld their beauty. Friends from all over the planet, brought together through the marvels of modern technology.  We celebrate each others’ success, comfort each other in times of sadness or sorrow. We offer prayers and delve into spiritual concepts. We offer windows into each others’  hearts and souls, even if we may never physically cross paths. We share a bond nevertheless. Some I have known since childhood (family of birth) and some throughout my life, that I call family of choice.