Who are you accountable to? Accountability is one of the foundation stones of success. When one rises through the ranks of a company they are accountable to their direct management. The higher you go up the ladder, you become more and more accountable to the customer. At every level we are accountable to the customer, but of all that you are accountable to, which is most important? In my life I am accountable to my wife and my son over all else. As I work towards success, however, they are not undermining and plotting against it. Instead they support and encourage and so momentum toward the goal happens.


Numbers have meaning beyond mathematics and each number symbolizes a specific energy. You can relate the meanings of numbers to every aspect of your life including money. Numbers tell us exactly how that money will come to us, whether it comes easy or whether we have to work for it.

If you look at your Numerology Chart, and the numbers in it, you can get a very good sense of your ability to draw money to you as well as the timing.

Let's take a look shall we?

Is your home cluttered?  Your car?  Your closets?  Your garage?

Someone once asked Charles Fillmore (author of the book PROSPERITY) what he believed the greatest obstacle to prosperity was for most people.

He answered without a moment's hesitation.