How many projects do you have open?  Ever begin a new one while there was still sooo much left to do on the others?  Because you had to, right?  If you’re anything like me, you have multiple projects going at one time, most of them somewhere just below or above the halfway mark of getting done.  They’re sitting there, lounging about in various stages of undress, thumbing their noses at you and beckoning the rest of the world to have a looksee at how disorganized you are….

…Or is that only me?

This is not the first time you are hearing of how clutter affects your energy.  Did you ever think of email as clutter?  Sure, we are all annoyed  by spam, “good luck” chains, “like this because I do” emails.  If you think of your email Inbox as your living room, your perspective will change in an instant!

I've written before about being organized in your workplace from a time management standpoint.  But have you ever thought of the environment you work in as a representation of energy? Whether you understand the Law of Attraction or have never heard of it, consider this.

You’ve probably heard the statement “Begin with the end in mind” sometime in your life.  It is a great guiding principle and also one you might fail to use when getting caught up in the many details that are part of planning and goal setting.  When a group is involved in creating a plan, the process can become even more complicated as various parties jockey to get their ideas heard and incorporated.  Like me, you’ve probably endured far too many meetings wondering if a plan would ever be conceived.

Is there a Land of the Paper Mountain?  For a lot of folks, they visit that mountain every day - it's on their desk!  Don't set fire to it - put it away! Oh stop complaining, you can do it, I know that you can.   It's easy to get your ducks in a row - here, I'll help.

I offered some tips in an earlier blog about file management on your computer.  It's the same principle on paper, except that you have to have a place to put paper.  First step?  Um, get a place to put the paper.  Duh.  Depending on the size of your mountain, buy a file cabinet, get one of the many organizational systems in office supply stores, or if you must, use boxes.  You'll need hanging file folders and manila or colored folders too.  If you want to get fancy, buy yourself some folder labels to write or type on.  One thing you can't buy - patience!  It's an easy task, but it does take time.

For many years I worked for multiple supervisors and learned how to efficiently juggle multiple projects.  I do not believe in the ever-popular term "multi-tasking" because if you're juggling several balls you cannot focus on any of them.  However I do work well with what I think of as sequential multi-tasking.  I prioritize in this way.

Ever try to find a piece of paper when you have no filing system?  Well, organized files in your computer are just as important as organized files in a drawer.  Have you tried finding a picture in hundreds on your computer?  Or an important document lost in the mists of obscurity?  Here's a way to solve that problem.