There are many special relationships we will experience over the course of our lifetime, but there is no quite as special as the one you will have with yourself.

Our lives are our stories.  I embrace the fact that we are the author of our stories. I lived my story unconsciously for a lot of years and let other people author the chapters.  My story includes infidelity up close and personal, both perspectives, firsthand experience with sexual violation, and even an intimate connection with thoughts of suicide. I blamed everyone for the agony that was my life. With a lot of Divine intervention I eventually realized I was telling my story from a perspective that did not empower me.  A story I had thrived on and formed the foundation of my life on.  A story that began once upon a time and one that will most definitely end happily ever after; as I now own the fact that I am the author of my story . . . of my life.

Is something in your life overripe?

What's Yellow And...
Are there things you are holding onto that you are done with but are afraid to throw out, like that banana that you might eat but probably won't eat that you leave on the counter until it's totally spotted.

But maybe you will eat it - there might be some good part left in it still - and you spent money for it, and it's food after all that should not go to waste - so you leave it there on the counter some more...

Until now it's a brown and black mushy yuck of banana that you are disgusted about and don't want to touch so you leave it there for your spouse to throw away.  Or maybe you even you stop inviting people over so they don't catch you living your past-ripe banana truth.

Long ago, I was sitting listening to a friend talk about her son and sat in disbelief as she said to me, "I told my son that nothing was ever going to come easy for him and that he would have to work hard for everything in life because he wasn't born rich and never would be rich and that is just the way it is."

In one sentence, she robbed her impressionable son  of any optimism he might have had about his life and probably stole a few dreams too.

Her life had been a hard one and she struggled as a single mother raising two children after her husband died in a tragic accident. Her hopes and dreams had been shattered but I do not think she realized she was projecting her life upon him.