Getting to know Spirit through nature isn’t usually a logical process.  In fact, one’s sanity can be rightly questioned.  This particular morning had me arguing with myself over a bowl of cereal.  It was quite early and as I mumbled to myself reasons to not respond the The Pull, I already knew I was losing the battle. 

I had been spending a lot of time in the woods. I could sit still for hours in natural settings.  The things I saw, the moments of beauty that wrapped around me like the morning mist, brought moments of Oneness with Spirit.  I lived for that.  The more time I spent in the woods, the more my intuition began to lead me to things.  I would find place to sit just inside the tree line and then wait until I’d feel The Pull, a tug, a tightness in the belly.  Then there would be clarity and I’d know where to go.  Sometimes it happened within minutes. Sometimes I had to sit for a half hour or more.

If you have ever felt like a failure…
If you have ever thought you’ve found “the answer” to your next career, your single-person-woes or how to finally be happy… only to discover you were wrong…
If you are ready to stop feeling like a failure and start feeling like a success right now
If so, then this article will be the most exciting and important message you’ll ever read!

Let me explain…

What It Is Not

Before I tell you what the real problem is, let me tell you what it is not.
The problem is not that you make mistakes.

Look, it happens. There is that ONE thing in your life that is driving you nuts. Perhaps it’s a co-worker who chews gum loudly in your ear all day. Perhaps it’s that your mate leaves the kitchen cabinets open every time they use them. Perhaps it’s something that feels a bit bigger, like your job, career or relationships in general. Take heart, this article will change your life.

“Anger is never without an argument, but seldom with a good one.” ~Indira Gandhi

When someone finds themselves in a confrontational relationship, the first reaction is to meet that other person with like or stronger negative energy. The volume increases and they find themselves having an ever more frustrating experience. They can’t see a way out or around it and they begin to contemplate leaving the relationship. Sometimes people even walk away from parents or siblings in that mix. Many times that is the only option because the other person has free will as well. This being said however, the majority of the time the relationships can be completely rescued and in fact be better than they ever were.