Who are you accountable to? Accountability is one of the foundation stones of success. When one rises through the ranks of a company they are accountable to their direct management. The higher you go up the ladder, you become more and more accountable to the customer. At every level we are accountable to the customer, but of all that you are accountable to, which is most important? In my life I am accountable to my wife and my son over all else. As I work towards success, however, they are not undermining and plotting against it. Instead they support and encourage and so momentum toward the goal happens.

“If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.” ~Maya Angelou

In our lives we have many relationships. I want to tell you about my day today. I woke this morning and went to pick up my son at my ex-wife’s house. I called my new wife as she is out of town for business for extended periods of time. After talking to my wife I called Holly, my friend and assistant, to see how her day was going.

Let’s begin with the ex wife meeting. I am a believer that love given comes home again. To say my ex and I have had a very rocky relationship is understating the facts. It ended harshly and with much pain. The damages created to the subconscious mind were tricky to overcome. Trust was taken and continually misused. It wasn’t until I shifted my attachment to the situation that the relationship could alter for the better. Together we have made a magnificent son. It is for this purpose that the relationship must function in a loving way. Still to this day she values my insights and allows me to help guide her through struggles occasionally. I value her good parenting of my son and respect her for that.