Music is by far not the only art form to contribute to our vibration, and therefore to our health.  Color and light have been used for centuries to stimulate healing and well-being.The ancient Egyptians used specially built solarium rooms with different colored glass panels. The sun would shine through the colored glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits.

Ever have one of those days when you felt unappreciated, alone and just plain sad inside? That was me last Friday. A series of small things like cancelled appointments and news that only 3 people had registered for an upcoming workshop had somehow convinced me that I wasn’t valuable or appreciated. At the end of a very busy week, my spirit sunk very low.

What to do?

We fill ourselves up with opinions and attachments and call them strength of character, strength of conviction and strength of concentration. In reality all we are doing is blocking ourselves from fully experiencing Love.  Having a firm opinion can be positive, however, holding on to your ideas to the point of excluding others creates separation.
"Sometimes, when it is all, finally, too much, I climb into my car, roll the windows up, and somewhere between backing out the driveway and rounding the next corner, I let out a yell that would topple Manhattan. How do you pray?" by Margaret L. Mitchell, as quoted in The Feminine Face of God, p. 124.

My friend Cindy Greb posted this on her Facebook page and I knew I had to respond since it spoke so vividly to the ways I blow off steam AND pray. My response to her was: "Sometimes a good aaaarrrggghhhh is as potent and healing as a good o0o0o00o0o0mmmmm (: I pray every which way imaginable, depending on what state of mind I am in the moment. ♥”

"There's nothing we can't turn into prayer if that is our intention." were among the first words spoken by photographer Catherine Jansen at Circle of Miracles, an interfaith community of which I have been part for nearly 11 years. Admitting to a "love affair with India" that has lasted 30 years, Philly area (by way of Atlanta, Georgia) mother of two who was raised in the Greek Orthodox Church, became fascinated with the country during her initial stay in an ashram where she mostly "saw the insides of my eyelids" in meditation. Since then, she has visited multiple times, each time, bringing back with her, sweet memories of the people she encountered and thousands of photographs that catalog her experiences for posterity and the appreciation of those who view them. Such was the case as our community vicariously experienced The March of the Nakeds. It is described in this way by the artist herself:
I really do try to pay attention when I take my daughter to the orthodontist.  We are getting to the point now where the braces are about to come off.  I should be watching as the assistant cleans her teeth, talks about her progress, or lack of it, in regards to her bite shifting into the correct position.  I should be engaging in small talk, asking the orthodontist about how his life is going and what his kids are up to and what he did for the holidays.  But I can’t.  The windows are too big.

The other day, I was enjoying the sunshine and decided to close my eyes.  As I sat
there and relaxed, I noticed numerous birds chirping around me.  Immediately, I found
myself transported back in time to when I was a young boy.  I recall how I would go to
bed in the summer when it was still light outside.  I would lay there listening to the
birds chirp, while my window was open to let in some cool evening air.

To arrive at your "Personal Year Number", or an explanation of what you might be able to expect in the upcoming year, take the sum of your birth month and day, and add it to the "World Number" which is the sum of the digits of the year (in other words, 2012 would add up to 5).  You then reduce this sum to a single digit.  The resulting number tells you--in a cycle of nine years--where exactly you are in your life cycle, and what you might anticipate as a result.

A mantra is a sound, syllable, or group of words which, when recited, are regarded as capable of producing spiritual transformation (or so says Wiki).  Actually, mantra is a word common in the eastern world and is itself made up of two words: man meaning "mind," and tra meaning "instrument."  So, a mantra is "an instrument of the mind."