For this city girl, the joy of now living on a property with an acre and a half, woods at the back, has been a thrill.  I'd been told there were all sorts of wildlife strolling through the yard, and I have enjoyed watching.  This past month I have seen four deer, usually together - Dad, Mom and the twins.  At first the twins still retained some spots but now they're gone, and I see an increased independence in them, willing to stray further from Mom as they all enjoy the fruits (quite literally) of the crab apple trees. I have not yet earned their complete trust, so although I can watch from a distance, my attempts to get closer drove them back into the woods.
Yesterday I was on the rider mower in the evening and glanced toward the back of the yard - there were Mom and the kids, snacking on apples, perhaps 100 yards away - the closest I'd been. I was amazed they were not afraid of the mower, watching my movement but at ease. I found myself deep in thought, wondering how many generations had been feeding from the same trees, accustomed to the previous residents of the house.  Was the familiarity with the property and people carried from one generation of deer to the next?

How applicable to our own lives.  How many of our fears are generational, sort of spiritual DNA?  In my family, I know that money and reputation/fame/visibility were big issues for my parents and grandparents - did some of their fear come down to me?  Undoubtedly, but I have chosen to release those. The flip side is how many and what kinds of talents and joys are carried down?  Again in my family, music and the arts.  Did the simple joy of abundant crab apples bring this new generation of deer into the yard for me to appreciate?  If so, I'm very grateful.  I have found so much to be grateful for here, in nature, with the "deer ones."



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