Ever try to find a piece of paper when you have no filing system?  Well, organized files in your computer are just as important as organized files in a drawer.  Have you tried finding a picture in hundreds on your computer?  Or an important document lost in the mists of obscurity?  Here's a way to solve that problem.
Think of the most important topics, the main categories of your work.  For instance, mine for Lightseeds Office are Photos, Clients, Taxes, Budget, Forms.  Write down yours, leaving room between categories.  Then within each of those main labels, write down the next level.  For me it's making a folder for each client's name under the general label "Clients", and for each tax year under "Taxes."  Once you have the top two levels of categories, go in your computer and find the Documents folder.  For most PC users, if you click on the Start button you'll see it at the top.  In the Documents folder, you'll create your top-level categories by clicking on "New Folder" (sometimes hidden within "Organize" depending on your version of Windows). Make a new folder for each of those categories you wrote down.  Think of these main categories as a hanging file folder in a drawer, containing several manila folders. Then within the top level, the main folder, create new folders for your next level (the manila folders - again, for me, it's client names within the Clients folder).  You can create as many sub-folders (the virtual manila ones) as you want, but don't get carried away.  You don't want each item in its own folder any more than you'd want one piece of paper in a manila folder.

I can hear you complaining from here..."I have too many files right now to organize them!"  Well trust me and my experience, it's MUCH easier to take some time now to set up files than to go on forever with the "virtual pile" growing.  You'll thank me later, I promise.

Oh, and if this is all just too much to contemplate, I know a GREAT freelance virtual assistant that can help you - Lightseeds Office!



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