So this little, itty bitty bird had a wonderfully profound message for me this morning (apparently the size of the creature has nothing do with the greatness of its communication). I could hear this soft fluttering and could see those terrified, pleading, beady little eyes peering out to me through the furnace grate, and I'm thinking "great, now how do I free you, without scaring you even more--especially with the three dogs and two cats lurking about, trying to figure out what's going on?"
_My furnace room's location, being in the hallway of my home, allowed me to close off the open end of the hallway with a blanket tacked to the wall above the doorway, and close all the bedroom and bathroom doors, except for the one room directly across from the furnace--my husband's computer room-- which I left open with the windows wide. I then proceeded to open the front of the furnace (can't seem to get it back in place.....Hubby can do that later), which freed the bird and of course, seeing the only source of light, it flew directly out the window.

Ok, it's kind of a long story.....but it has a point, so bear with me.......The moral of this story is.....drumroll please.......IT'S VERY EASY TO FOCUS ON THE LIGHT WHEN THAT'S ALL THERE IS !! Helllllooooo???? That's ALL there is ! Get that? I got it.....like.....right away....and thanked the bird.....and of course the Creator who sent him to remind me of the particular message I needed at that precise moment in time.



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