Getting in touch with your intuition is increasingly important these days for reducing stress from information overload.
  • Should you look at your Facebook feed tonight?
  • Which movie in your huge "to watch" list online do you view?
  • Which book in your increasing "to read" digital list do you read?
  • How about which websites, emails, classes or online groups should you visit, read, attend or join?
The list is endless and only getting longer as the digital age grows more flexible and accessible in our daily lives.
While finding time completely away from digital input can rest your mind and bring you back in balance (read a book before bed on paper or an e-ink reader instead of the staring at TV's or back-lit screens for a starting experiment), learning how to be balanced while still enjoying the convenience, connection and economy that flows through digital media is bound to make your modern life more rewarding, more rich and, yes it's true, more relaxing.

How do you do this?

Practice listening to your intuition.

Your intuition (your gut feeling, your "knowing") can help you enjoy and appreciate the flow of digital information instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.  Your intuition can help you discern which piece of information, out of the millions flying by you online, is the one you would benefit most from focusing on right now.

Imagine knowing that!

And perhaps more importantly, your intuition lets you know which millions of pieces of information that you see every day are perfectly OK to skim, delete or even more so, ignore altogether.


Your intuition is tuned into the entire Universe, looking at your life from a broader perspective than your mind alone ever could.  It's the difference between trying to find your way through New York City traffic on the the ground in your car with no GPS versus being helped by your own traffic helicopter circling above telling you which way to turn all the way home.

Your body was designed this way.
The brain was never meant to process by itself.  Left to make decisions based only on rational thought or what it "thinks" is going on the mind will panic and try to control things in order to feel safe.  (Have you ever felt this? :)

But when the mind is allowed to access ALL of the information it is meant to have - both your rational sense-gathered information and the energy-based information your gut or Inner Being knows -  it can make complete, balanced, clear and action-inducing decisions.

Get Started Today
How can you get started using your intuition to help your mind wade through the electronic media in your life today?

First, set your intent.

"My intent is to access the information, books, movies and websites that are for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All Involved."

Then, practice paying attention to how you feel as you click around the net.  At first you may not be able to tell.  But if you continue to set the intent and watch your feelings or your body reactions, your mind and your intuition will work together more and more, making it clear what needs to be read, replied to or absorbed by you, and, better yet, what is perfectly fine to delete, delete, delete.

Ahhhh, now that's enjoying this modern digital world, easily. :)


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