Do you know what the top 3 energy drains are? If you knew, would you make different choices?

As we head into the upcoming holiday season and our dark, winter here in NE Ohio, we think about shielding ourselves from the cold, energy inefficiency and drafts. We insulate our homes, change our filters, order furnace maintenance and begin shopping and housekeeping for the busy season ahead. Are you scheduling self-care into this agenda to make sure that YOU are shielded and energetically insulated for this very busy time of the year? If you care about sustainable human energy, consider the following.
  • Limit time with people who drain you. Think about how you can say no or limit your exposure to them.
  • Ask for help, even before you need it. Could someone help you clean, shop, cook, rake or entertain guests? It’s more fun when you don’t go it alone.
  • Shift your attention to things that are positive. Remember what Thanksgiving is all about. Say “thanks” often. Little things are always going well in your life. Make a point to notice a kind gesture, that your car starts, the heat works, you have warm place to sleep and food in your pantry. You have comfort!
  • Offer your talents to the world. Could you help someone who is having a rough time? Is there a way you could bring a smile to someone else and do it with EASE? Speak up and act. You are the gift someone is waiting for!
In my book the top 3 energy drains discussed are:
1. Energy vampires
2. Trying to control incontrollable things
3. Isolation/Disconnection

Learn more about what I mean and also 3 ways you can most rapidly recover your energy by listening to this short audio of From Sensitive to Reliably Resilient – an Energy Makeover Overview.



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