Do you think you are always aware when you are plugged into source at that precise moment?  I think I would have said yes before.  Now is a different story. 

I’m retired as of last May.   I have the opportunity to go forth in the world and do whatever I want whenever I want.  I’ve been having a ball with that.  One thing I signed up for last week brought up a bunch of long forgotten insecurities and led me to struggle with a decision I made.  That feels….well, crappy. 

The next day however was the opposite.  I felt light and flowed with it.   Just loving the feeling, I put on my iPod and went out to mow the grass.
I hear so many people complain about mowing but I love it.  I get some really great inspirations while mowing, I love the smell of freshly mowed grass, there is exercise pushing the mower, and you see results immediately.  It’s one of my happy places.  Having let go of the doom and gloom I felt the day before plus mowing and, at the moment, Jackson Browne just put me in the zone. 

Listening to the music and the noise of the mower and the fact that we are somewhat removed from other humans led me to sing out with the music with the joy of being alive.  Let me just tell you right here that I am aware that I cannot carry a tune.  It’s kind of strange that I love music so much, not being even remotely capable of imitating any kind of it.  But you take that feeling of lightness and contentment and joy of music and I sing.  Really loud. 

So we have the mower noise and the wailing that was coming out of me.  Those two are not soothing, nature sounds.  Well, imagine my surprise when I looked up and two deer were not 15 feet from me.  They were just trotting on by.

There were so many ways they could have avoided me. Seems like anyone or anything sensible would have.  But they didn’t.  They passed by so close I was shocked.  Were they deaf?  My singing alone should have been enough to clear wildlife for miles. 

The only explanation I could come up with was that the energy I was giving out was of connection to source.  The harsh noises were neutralized by the energy of the being.  I was plugged in and turned on and connected and I wasn’t even consciously aware of it.  Those two dropped in to let me know.   Isn’t life cool?

This is where a scholar would apply for a grant and do some lengthy research.  I am so not a scholar.  I’ve thought about it for some time now and I know that is my truth.  I was directly connected to source in that moment, I was one with nature.  I know it. Thank you.



10/07/2011 16:36

I love this story! What a great reminder that being zen is not all meditation and silence (although that rocks, too!) but it is about being connected, however that expresses itself in us in each moment. :)


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