I've been reading more of my favorite teacher Abraham, about allowing versus making. If all I could ever want is already out there in the ethers just waiting for my call, then I need to call! But more than that, I need to pave the road. I have a picture in mind of a jungle expedition - there is a caravan of goodies waiting to take off and be delivered to me, and I need to clear the path for them through the tangle of brush. Clearing the road is not work, it's the "action" of relaxing and allowing. I watch as more and more of the path opens up, simply by my intent and desire. The minute I decide to speed it up and interfere, the overgrowth takes over like in the movies. When I relax again and say "yes, thank you, I can feel my abundance coming, I can hear the footsteps and the jingle of the horses' harness and I accept it", THEN the overgrowth magically disappears! Way to create, Matson!


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