Long ago, I was sitting listening to a friend talk about her son and sat in disbelief as she said to me, "I told my son that nothing was ever going to come easy for him and that he would have to work hard for everything in life because he wasn't born rich and never would be rich and that is just the way it is."

In one sentence, she robbed her impressionable son  of any optimism he might have had about his life and probably stole a few dreams too.

Her life had been a hard one and she struggled as a single mother raising two children after her husband died in a tragic accident. Her hopes and dreams had been shattered but I do not think she realized she was projecting her life upon him.
If her son grew up believing what his beloved Mother told him that day was true, most likely he would never aspire to be anything much in life.

Sadly this happens more often than not and sometimes it takes a lifetime to reject the things we have been told and believe to be true.

You could be a child of a misguided Mother such as this one or you could have been bullied, abused or had many other experiences that eroded your self worth, confidence and self esteem.

You may have been told what to think and how to feel and even told who to be during your youth and because you had the desire to fit in and be loved, you went along with someone elses agenda.

The question is now, do you love yourself enough to be yourself and stay true to who you really are? Are you willing to reject what other people have told you to be true? Are you ready to re-write your story?

With careful reflection on your past, you may be able to see where things projected upon you became your truth and for a long time you lived it.

Isn't it time to stop allowing the past to continue to effect your happiness now and in the future?

You and you alone are in charge of who you are and what your future holds.

Believe in the infinite possibilities of what life has to offer. Begin dreaming again.



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