I often state that the name Jesus was created by religion, or a religion was created in the name Jesus. Jesus was not the name of the radical man whose teachings continue to astound the world.

The name Jesus was most likely Yeshua, the Aramaic or Hebrew name meaning “salvation.” Sometimes the name Yeshua is translated as “he saves.” Yeshua is believed to be a latter form of the Hebrew name Yehoshua, which generally means “to deliver, save or rescue.”
So, where did the name Jesus originate from? It is believed that when the name Yeshua was transliterated into the Greek language, it became Iesous. Greek does not have a “y” sound, so the letter “i” was used to translate the name into Greek. From Greek, Iesous was again transliterated into  Latin as Iesus.  However, in Latin the “i” can be either an “i” or a “j,” with the “j” pronounced like a  “y.” Then, from Latin it was once again transliterated into the English language as the name Jesus. In English, we do not pronounce the“j” as a “y,” and so that is how it is believed that Yeshua eventually mutated into the name Jesus. There is much more explanation in the academia world as to the evolution of the rest of the name, but my point is that Jesus was not the name of the man, Yeshua. Language translation changed everything.

The Name Jesus Versus The Name Yeshua

Why do I prefer to use Yeshua over the name Jesus? Because the name Jesus has become the battle cry of a religion that was created in that name (Jesus) and not the real message of Yeshua. Today, we understand the name Jesus only as representing the head of an orthodox-created, bookish religion (that Yeshua did not create, by the way). 

The name Jesus is used in the promotion of false ideas and teachings, wars, politics and even large-scale businesses disguised as possessors of truth. This is the “Jesus Religion” I speak of in the book with the same name.

Meanwhile, the name and message of Yeshua stands uncorrupted and timeless.  The
real man we call by the name Jesus shared wonderfully-freeing, non-condemning truth.



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