“That is one tough robot.” ~ Captain Typho

When it comes to masters of focus, goal setting and achieving, loyalty, integrity, honor, and the like, there is one name that rises above the masses, one that far surpasses even the closest competitor . . . R2D2. Yes I know I am a dork. I love Star Wars movies. While Yoda has a plethora of knowledge and wisdom which I quote in speeches from time to time, R2D2 is the master of living “wisely and earnestly in the present,” as Buddha would say. Though I like the three original movies best (and NO Greedo did not shoot first) the story of R2D2 comes to our attention in the three prequels that shared his story.
“He said if you remove his restraining bolt, he might be able to deliver his whole message.” ~C3PO

When things were difficult and the spaceship that the Queen of Naboo was traveling on was damaged, we were first introduced to this Taoist master. Stepping into service of the whole, R2D2 risked self to repair the damage to allow the group to progress. He did so without thought of reward or payment; just to be of service was enough. By the time we get to the third movie R2D2 proved to be someone to count on in a time of need and was sent forth with a goal in mind to deliver a message. Though their ship was seized and he was encumbered by a stubborn individual who could not see the larger picture, R2 persevered and reached his intended recipient. By staying ever on focus to his truth and desire, even while others were less than supportive, R2 delivered his message. When a larger purpose presented itself R2 was the first on the front line. Again staying ever on track toward his goal, R2 was instrumental in defeating the evil force permeating his universe.

“I don’t remember ever owning a droid.” ~ Obi Wan Kenobi

In the end of the series we have several tales of R2 always coming through by staying ever focused on the task at hand and taking the action steps that brought about change. He chose his goals and achieved every one for the betterment of the entire universe, but that was a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . .

“Beep, beep…….Whistle….Beep” ~ R2D2



10/07/2011 16:30

I laughed out loud! How awesome to be reminded of helpful things and to laugh at the same time! :)


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